Raids on media houses Cowardly act of Central Government – Dr. Shashi Kant Suman


Munger, Bihar.The Indian Journalist Association strongly condemns the raids on the offices of Dainik Bhaskar and the news channel Bharat Samachar and the homes of people associated with them. Zonal President Indian Journalist Association Munger Dr. Shashi Kant Suman raids on media houses is a cowardly act of the Central Government. This is an intimidating action by the Modi government. Eminent journalists of the country have also called the raids an attempt to suppress the truth.

Indian Journalist Association state general secretary KM Raj has condemned such intimidation by the government through enforcement agencies to prevent them from discharging their duty.

The Income Tax Department raided 40 locations of Dainik Bhaskar in three states including Madhya Pradesh. Raids were also conducted at the house of newspaper owner Sudhir Agarwal living in Bhopal’s Arera Colony. Later, similar news came about the Income Tax raids against UP’s Bharat news channel and its chief editor Brajesh Mishra.

People have reacted strongly against this action on social media. Indian Journalist Association Munger District President Saif Ali strongly condemned the raids on the media house and said that the Modi government has initiated retaliatory action against them for doing fair journalism by the media.

Senior journalist Manish Kumar said that the day Dainik Bhaskar published that news, it was clear that the guerrilla squad could reach anytime. Working President Dhannamal strongly condemned the raids in the offices of Dainik Bhaskar and the house of a journalist of Bharat Samachar and said that raiding the media houses with prejudice is like killing democracy. This cowardly act needs to be stopped immediately.

Senior journalists, District Vice President Sanjay Prasad Singh, Prince Kumar Dilkhush and all the members of Indian Journalist Association Munger strongly condemned the raids on the media houses. The backbone of the column should remain intact.


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